LIVE @ Motorama! Pre-Register for $20 and Win a Free WRAP!

And just like that the sun rises on this chilly March morning and show season starts with Spring Fever 2018 at Motorama! This guy simply can’t contain himself to finish work for the week and head up to the Toronto International Centre to take it all in and talk with as many people as possible. You’ll find staff at the Canadian Automotive Expo booth in the tuner hall where we are ready and waiting to accept your pre-registration for our early-bird price of $20 and answer any questions you might have. Keep reading below….

This year we’ve shifted our charitable focus to support research for a disease that gets little attentions, leukodystrophy, more commonly called vanishing white matter. All of our raffle and 50/50 proceeds from CAE 2018 are being donated to the Vanishing White Matter Families Foundation and WE NEED YOUR HELP to give them as much as possible, starting this weekend! For ALL pre-registrations at Motorama those people will receive 3 free raffle tickets to win a wrap job in satin pearl white! We’ve already got the stock but just need someone to GIVE it to! Additional tickets will be on sale at the booth and don’t forget to jot down your phone number so that we can get in touch with you if you’re our lucky wrap winnner!

If you’re attending the show today we hope you love it and also stop by to say hi! There’s so much to take in at Motorama don’t forget your camera!!!